How to do a Hanging Indent on Google Docs

How to do a Hanging Indent on Google Docs

The Hanging Indent in Google Docs is a formatting feature for you to create a layout for a paragraph. The first line starts at the left margin, and subsequent lines are indented. This formatting style is commonly used in bibliographies, references, and other documents.

If you are starting to explore Google Docs, invest some time to discover the capability of this program. Learning these hacks can streamline your docs creation process and make you more efficient.

Hanging Indent on Google Docs

In Google Docs, a hanging indent is a formatting style where the first line of a paragraph starts at the least margin. Here are some tips on how to create a hanging indent in Google Docs.

  • If you do not have documents yet, create a new one by going to Google Docs and clicking on the “+” button to start a new document.
  • Click and drag your cursor to highlight the paragraphs or text to which you want to apply the hanging indent.
  • Access the format menu at the top of the screen.
  • Hold your mouse over align and indent the format menu, and a submenu will appear. Select the indentation option.
  • In the indentation option dialog box, look for the special indentation section.
  • Choose hanging from the drop-down menu.
  • Set the amount of space you want for the hanging indent by entering a value in the hanging field. This value is in inches or centimeters.
  • Click apply to see a preview of the change. If you are satisfied, click ok to Apply the hanging indent.

Different Methods

Transforming our text or documents into hanging indents adds good content. There are various methods available for achieving a hanging indent format in documents. Explore different approaches, providing details for every method.

  • Creating a hanging indent using the ruler.
  • Creating a hanging indent using the indenting option.
  • Creating a hanging indent using a keyboard shortcut.

How to Hang Indent on Google Docs by using a keyboard shortcut

  1. Place the arrow on the end of the first line where you want the hanging indent to appear.
  2. Hit Shift + Enter or Shift + Return, followed by the Tab key on the keyboard.
  3. A line break or soft return is applied as a result.

How to Hang Indent on Google Docs on iPad

  • Launch the Google Docs App.
  • Now include your citation.
  • Touch the A icon located in the upper right corner of the app.
  • Tap on Paragraph.
  • In the line spacing section, tap the upward arrow once to change it from 1.5 to 2, making it double-spaced.
  • Tap anywhere on your screen to exit the menu.
  • Place your arrow after the first line of your citation, then click the return key on your iPad keyboard.
  • Select the right indent option.
  • Now, your citation will be double-spaced with a hanging indent. To close the paragraph options, tap the center of your screen.

Why use Hanging indent in our documents

Adding hanging indent in Google Docs provides a distinct visual distinction between various paragraphs. This feature facilitates readers in swiftly scanning through diverse references and citations with ease.

Can we customize the spacing

There is flexibility in customizing the spacing for hanging indents. Users have the option to specify the measurement or distance by which lines should be appropriately intended, allowing for personalized formatting.

Remove Hanging Indents from paragraph

Yes, if there is one next to remove indents from specific paragraphs in Google Docs, the process is straightforward. By selecting the text in question, access the paragraph formatting setting. Choose the normal option under the special drop-down menu.


Improve readability: hanging indents make it easier to quickly identify an author in a long list, which makes this formatting more readable. More efficient use of space: this indentation gives you more room near the margins, which can be useful if you plan to print the documents later on and take notes.

Types of Indents

  • The First line ident marker is responsible for adjusting the first line indentations within a paragraph.
  • The Left indent marker works in tandem with the first line ident marker to uniformly indent every line within the paragraph.
  • The Right ident marker is responsible for altering the right didn’t by repositioning the lines of the paragraph from the right margin.

Difference between Hanging Indent and normal indent

A normal ident is a text formatting style where the line of a paragraph starts at the left margin. It following lines are intended by a certain amount. This style is commonly used in most of the documents.

A hanging indent of the text formatting style where the first line of a paragraph starts at the left margin. The following lines are intended farther than the first. This makes the first line hang out over the second.

When we need the Hanging Indents

Hanging indents are commonly used when composing academic papers. Those adhering to citation styles like MLA and APA. These documentation styles often necessitate specific indentation.

By prompting individuals to inquire about the process of implementation of hanging indents in word processing tools such as Google Docs and Microsoft Word. It’s used when we make rhymes or write an article to be published on the website.

There are many online platforms available to help you organize your references. Make sure the chosen services do not compromise your information and introduce malware into your system.

By following the steps outlined above, you can safely format your documents without the need to spend money on external reference organization tools. It is the best method to use.


In conclusion, effectively hanging idents in Google Docs brings sustained benefits, readability, and overall presentation of our document’s contents. This approach imparts a unique formatting style to our paragraphs.

Mastering the art of creating hanging idents on Google Docs is easy. These formatting techniques not only adhere to citations like APA staples. This discussed method is used in PCs, and also in mobiles and laptops. It offers the flexibility and convenience.

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