Instagram Error While Adding Caption and Solutions

instagram error while adding caption

Instagram is one of the best platforms among social media for sharing special things with your friends and followers. However, Instagram posts are only engaging and attractive with good captions. Adding captions to your posts helps get more interaction from your followers and makes it easier to get your target. Instagram Captions are the text you write to show your content.

Some users have some issues while adding captions to Instagram posts. It is true that outstanding visual content is the key to success on Instagram because your photos and videos on Instagram show your personality. But most importantly, you need to know that using good words to represent your content is as important as sharing feature photos or videos, etc.

Reasons for Instagram Caption Disappear

There are many reasons for Instagram errors while adding captions. The social media platform itself removed it due to your following mistakes.

  • Using Banned or Broken Hashtags

Instagram hashtags help your posts get more target audience and will also group them. But if you are using banned or broken hashtags that Instagram has blocked to destroy guidelines, your Instagram caption will disappear from your photos or videos.

  • Cross the Mention Limits

You are allowed to mention up to 20 accounts on each post, and if you cross this limit, Instagram considers it spam and will remove your caption.

  • Due to Guideline Violations

You can face Instagram errors when you break the rules. Everyone knows that Instagram is very strict regarding its guidelines and privacy. So, if you violate any of them in your captions, Instagram will remove them from your posts.

  • Exceeding the Maximum Characters

Instagram permits you to use up to 2400 characters and 30 hashtags in each post. Therefore, if you exceed this limit, the caption will automatically disappear when you upload the post.

Fix Instagram Caption Errors

Instagram Captions Errors

Check the Instagram Server Status

The first thing that may be the leading cause of your Instagram captions needing to show up in the posts is Instagram servers. Therefore, we suggest checking if other users have the same issue with their Instagram captions. You can install applications that help you see a live map of areas affected by such problems.

It would help if you had a couple of hours or a day to solve this problem and Instagram cracks it. The important thing you can do in such a situation is to remove your post and reshare it at a good time. If you can not wait that long, you can use a VPN to upload your post in an emergency.

You also need to know that outdated apps can cause an error, so you must ensure you use the latest version of Instagram to avoid such problems. You can check the App Store or Google Play Store for updates and download the application again.

Check Internet Connection

A suitable internet connection is essential for the seamless app to work. Ensure you have an eligible connection through WiFi or mobile data to prevent upload errors.

Add the Caption Again

The first thing you can do is to add the caption once again. For this purpose, follow the steps below.

  • Open Instagram and choose the post you want to add a caption.
  • Now, tap the three dot icon above your post.
  • Tap on Edit.
  • Add the caption, tap done, and save to finish the process.

Clear Cache and Data

As you know, cache and data files store specific settings to help the app work faster, but the point is these files collect and can lead to errors such as saying no caption found and more. To stop such issues, it is better to clear the Instagram cache files from time to time to use the app better. If you are using an iOS device, you do not have the chance to remove the cache on Instagram, so you can try another solution.

Reinstall the Application

Another simple and reasonable way is to delete Instagram and reinstall it. You can easily reinstall the application and log back into your account. Instagrams get cracked occasionally, so this is a straightforward way to solve Instagram Caption errors during post adding quickly.

Log out and Re-login

One of the outstanding and fastest ways to solve Instagram caption errors is to log out from your account and re login again. You can easily solve such problems. The following points help you to log out and back into your Instagram account.

  • Open your profile by tapping the icon at the bottom right of the screen.
  • Choose the three line symbol to open the menu. Then, select Settings.
  • Scroll the settings menu and tap Log out.

Mind it, once you completely log out, you can leave the application and restart your mobile phone.

Refresh the Instagram Posts

Sometimes, Instagram shows your content from your previous session to decrease the post loading time. This could be one of the reasons you need help seeing the captions of some posts. You can refresh your Instagram post. It is easier and better to wait a few seconds and recheck the post caption.

Report to Instagram

If you still face the same error and you tried all the methods, it is time to report this problem to Instagram. , you can explain the error in a message and send it to the Instagram support team. So they can help you in a better way.


We discussed the most effective ways to help you solve Instagram Caption Errors. You can start sharing your high quality photos, videos, and other content on your account without tension getting Instagram errors while adding captions. You can also check your Instagram server status first to fix this problem. If you find this information helpful and effective, make sure you will share it with your friends who may face the same problem.

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