Liquid Detected in Lightning Connector

Liquid detected in lightning connector

The lightning connector has become a universal feature, powering various Apple products. These connectors are about more than just facilitating data transfer and charging. In this exploration, we inquire into the details of how liquid detection works in lighting connectors.

Users need to know the importance of this feature when faced with potential damage. If you suspect liquid exposure, you must avoid connecting the device power to charge it. You should turn off your device and allow it to dry entirely before using it again.

The liquid was detected in the lighting connector starting in iPhone 7. Apple includes the resistance of water, dust, and splash in all models. Using a sensitive and expensive electronic device around water is not recommended.

There are so many water places like swimming pools, kitchens, and bathrooms we use iPhones. It is recognizing that our iPhones are integral to both the ordinary and extraordinary moments of our lives. The intention was clear: to provide users with a level of protection.

What can we do if our iPhone does not wet?

Even if you are confident that your iPhone is completely dry and free from any moisture in the lightning connector, it’s essential to bear in mind that the resistance to water, splashes, and dust gradually diminishes with the natural wear of your device over time.

Your best efforts to ensure a suitable environment for your iPhone if this message continues to appear even after thorough drying. In such cases, it may be professional assistance to access and address issues affecting the functionality of your device.

If your iPhone is Wet

  1. Gently tap your iPhone against your hand. Ensure the connector is facing down to dislodge any excess liquid.
  2. Place your iPhone in a dry area with good airflow. Allow it to remain in this environment for at least 30 minutes.
  3. After the initial period, attempt to charge your iPhone using a USB cable or connect an accessory to access its functionality.
  4. If the alert persists, indicate the presence of liquid in cable pins. You can leave your iPhone in a dry, airy area for up to a day.
  5. You can periodically attempt to charge or reconnect an accessory during this period. Remember that the drying process may take up to 24 hours to remove the moisture.
  6. After drying, your phone still does not charge. Disconnect the cable from the adapter and unplug the adapter from the switch. Reconnect them and try charging again.
  7. Do not dry your iPhone using external heat or compressed air.
  8. Do not insert another object, such as a cotton swab or paper towel, into the connector.
  9. It is not a good idea to put your iPhone in a bag of rice. This could cause your iPhone to be damaged by small rice particles.

Clean your iPhone lighting connector

iPhone displays a charging issue due to debris logged in the lighting connector. Utilizing the SIM eject tool offers a potential solution. Gently clean the charging port with the tool whether this action resolves the liquid detached message.

Avoid the use of cleaning agents on your devices. The application of compressed air during the cleaning process. These practices can harm your iPhone components and are not recommended for effective maintenance.

Types of Lightning connectors

Lightning to Headphone Jack

The absence of the headphone jack in recent iPhone models led to the introduction of the jack. This adapter facilitates the connection of the wired earphones, headphones, or speakers, especially to users who prefer to use something other than wireless options.

The lightning connectors are compatible with all standard 3.5mm audio jackals. It offers a solution for users who appreciate the convenience and familiarity of a wired audio connection.

Lightning of HDMI

As bright as TV has gained popularity over the years, many households and workplaces continue to use older TV models’ screen features; however, with the introduction of lightning to HDMI adapters. Apple device users can now mirror their screen on a large display without needing a smart TV.

These enable users to connect theory iPhones or iPods to older TV models with HDMI ports. This function allows for playing videos and music on any television, changing the connected iPhone or iPad.

This innovation provides a convenient solution for individuals with older TVs, expanding their viewing capability without the requirement of the smart TV.

Lightning to VGA

In contracts to HDMI cables, which serve a broader purpose. VGA cables are specially designed for video-only presentations. The lighting to VGA adaptor provides a solution for Apple device users who wish to project slideshows and games on projectors or monitors.

The utility of the lightning to VGA adaptor becomes evident in the situation. Additionally, it proves beneficial when individuals prefer to utilize external Bluetooth speakers on their iPads or iPhones. VGA adaptors thus enhance flexibility and control of presentation scenarios.

Lightning to USB

Conceived initially as a camera connection kit, the lighting to the USB connector has evolved into an accessory. Among the different lightning connectors, the lightning to USB out is the three most adaptable for lighting cables.

Its versatility extends to supporting various devices such as keyboards, electric instruments, external monitors, audio interfaces, or other devices. It makes it an indispensable tool for users seeking a flexible connectivity solution for their Apple devices.

Lightning connectors in the future

The future role of the lightning connectors in the Apple ecosystem remains to be determined. Only time reveals whether it will persist in its current capacity. Drawing parallels to the unexpected removal of the earphones realm of the possibility that Apple may at some point.

Many devices are dependent on its connector. Shifting away from it could result in unnecessary environmental waste and pose consumer challenges.


All Apple iPhones, starting with the iPhone 7, have a reasonable water level, splash, and dust resistance. Apple device users are against exploring their iPhones to liquid. You can effectively address the issue by drying your iPhone, allowing you to resume regular usage.

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