Quick Setup: How to Use WPS Pin for HP Printers

WPS pin HP printers

Sometimes, we need to connect our computer to the printer to get some prints. It does not automatically connect to the computer. We need a password or WPS PIN. WPS pin is the 8-digit number that is used while attaching the printer to the computer.

This WPS pin helps to connect the computer to the printer without any password, which needs an 8-digit number and a strong internet connection. WPS pins for HP printers and other printers may be different.

How to find the Printer IP address

  • Press the window key combination to open the setting. Select the Bluetooth and device tab, then printer and scanner.
  • Select device information in the More Information section to reveal details about the printer. Look at the page. If you see something that looks like an IP number, write the group of numbers down.
  • The numbers are written like this: “ It is an IP address. It’s common for printer IP addresses to start with “192.168.2, but sometimes it may be different.
  • If the webpage looks different, click the link to open the printer server page in the web browser. Find your IP address in the Network section of the printer setting.

Connect HP printer with WPS PIN

  1. Turn on your printer.
  2. From the “control panel,” press the Wireless button.
  3. Next, navigate to the “Wifi protected setup” option.
  4. Select the “WPS Pin” option.
  5. On the printer screen, you will see 8-digit generated codes that are a WPS pin.
  6. Enter your WPS pin code to your computer screen and pair both devices.


HP printer

Ease of setup

Including the WPS pin method provides a similar and user-friendly way. It helps to connect an HP printer to a wifi network. It reduces the complexity of entering long wifi passwords manually.

Quick and Convenient

The WPS pin method allows for a quick and simple method. Once you enter the PIN, the connection process is started automatically. Make it a faster and more traditional method. You do not need to enter the password; enter the PIN and do your work.

Enhanced Security

WPS is designed to be secured, using encryption to protect the communication between the printer and the wifi router. The PIN is a temporary code that helps establish a secure connection without the need to expose the actual wifi password.

No need for a password

Users do not have to enter the password manually, which is the source of the error. It is a particularly useful device like a printer that may not have a keyboard or a user-friendly interface.

User Friendly

It is very beneficial for users who may need to be more technically inclined. The process is straightforward. Using the PIN simplifies the setup for individuals who may find entering complex passwords challenging.

WPS can offer convenience, but it’s important to note that there have been some security concerns about that in the past. In certain cases, it has been a brute-force attack. As a result, some security experts recommended disabling the WPS if it’s not actively being used.

If security is the top priority, consider using alternative methods such as WPA2/WPA3. It is the manual configuration of the wifi setting on your HP printers. It’s very helpful to use.

WPS Danger

WPS is not secure the the wifi passwords. It’s easy for hackers to hack digit numbers, which consist of numbers, symbols, and letters. If you have the option of wifi, it’s secure to use wifi, not the WPS.

WPS pins are not secure, so try not to connect with the pins if you have the availability of the wifi networks because it is easy to use and secure. If you still have trouble finding the WPS in settings, go to the help center setting and solve the issue.

What are the best HP wireless printers?

Do you need to publish professional-quality color documents for your business? Or you want to publish your favorite prints from your Andriod camera roll in high quality. Check out some of the wireless HP inkjet printers if color printing is your need.

These printers are made with one of the further mobile printing features, like direct wifi and HP eprint. They can produce the color image that you want to print. It is a new thing which has you to try, and it never disappoints you.

Suppose you are printing lengthy textbook documents from your Andriod device. You need to use the ray printer. Ray printers work more quickly than ink printers. They handle the large printing tasks. Our wireless HP Laserjet printer has a setup in mobile printing capability. So you will always be connected to the office no matter where you are or where you go.


WPS Pin Printer

If you cannot find the WPS or IP address, check twice if you have a wireless printer. You can look into the primer or search the internet using the model number. Some printers bear or direct USB string connection to a computer.

If your computer has WIFi directly, it might not support WPS. Some printers have a WPS button. Check the primer or try an internet hunt to find out the specific wireless feature of your printer.

Multiple types of printers

  • Laser printer.
  • Solid ink printers.
  • LED printers.
  • Business inkjet printers.
  • Home inkjet printers.
  • Multifunction printers.
  • Dot Matrix printer.
  • 3D printer.

It is a good thing that has been introduced. We can print our important documents at home. We do not need to go outside for printing. Hust need of good printer a mobile or a laptop. You can change the color, font, and background also to print the document that you want.


Connecting your HP printers using the WPS PIN method can be a quick way. The process is user-friendly, there is no need for manually entering long passwords, and it enhances security encryption.

Sometimes, WPs are not secure because hackers can hack the 8-digit numbers very easily, so if you have the availability of wifi, you can use the internet connection because it is suitable, safe, and secure.

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